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Global Active Stretching

A new, effective and comprehensive way of doing stretching

Global Active Stretching

If you are looking for some additional tools to enhance your body and health condition, then our global active stretching classes and programs maybe a good addition during your stay. We offer regular drop in classes or a 10 session program for those who wish to learn this effective system so you can continue to receive these benefits in your own time.

The globality of stretching muscle chains instead of single muscles, it’s gentle contractions, joint care and constant breathing participation, offers important innovations beyond the classical passive stretching.

GAS is a body correction method based on global stretching positions. Globality is necessary for stretching to be effective and durable. A person is flexible when he can maintain all the joints amplitudes at the same time. 

It is an effective tool for those who aim to correct their posture, gain elasticity, improve athletic or artistic performance, prevent injuries or pains.

All classes are led by Guillem.

Drop In Sessions & Package Options Available


Led by Guillem B. 

With his focus on internal arts Guillem uses various methods to understand the body’s system on a deeper level. He holds a Diploma in Active Global Stretching (SGA) and is also trained in Plyometric System, Kinseology (TFH), Chinese Medicine, Shiatsu and Biodynamic Sacro-cranial Osteopathy. His methods focus on listening to the deep body mind processes, to develop sensitivity and connection to the internal world. These methods can then be adapted into daily life to improve overall well-being and health.


  • Corrects body to a more natural alignment.

  • Increase in physical and emotional well-being and overall health.

  • Provides better awareness of posture and alignment.

  • Builds and increases greater body flexibility.

  • Easy and effective system to follow for correct positions for everyday situations.

  • Effective preventative for all types of muscular and joint ailments.

  • Reparative effect after physical exertion.

  • Promotes relaxation and release breathing.

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Who is it for

  • Those interested in self tools for balancing the body.

  • People of all ages looking to improve body structure,

and correct deformations.

  • Those looking for preventive tools against injuries.

  • Individuals involved in professional and recreational

sports. (Yoga, Taiji, running, fitness...)

  • Individuals training with the physical body intensely.

(Dancers, actors, manual therapists...)​

  • People in sedentary professions/environment.



Drop In class: 500 baht

10 Session Course Package: 5000 baht

Drop In class after completing the Course: 200 baht

Intro Classes & Programs

If you are interested to learn more about this effective system contact us for a free intro class. You may join for drop in sessions or if you wish to learn the full system this is available over a 10 session course. 

Program Includes:

  • Print out manual

  • Guided  10 x 1 hour sessions of practice and theory.

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