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Taiji Stream

Taiji Stream is the online ´affluent´ of GB Taiji. It was setup in 2019 to help practitioners during the periods of isolation, then it gradually evolved to be a complementary tool to enhance your Taiji & Meditation learning process.Taiji Stream is Guillem's attempt to condense all the essential knowledge and practices, so anyone from anywhere in the World can benfit from it.

Taiji Stream

Taiji & Daoist Practices to Find Your Inner Path
By GB Taiji and Guillem Bernadó


You can begin with simple still meditation exercises, then gradually increase your ability to maintain the Inner concentration  while in motion. Step by step you can then bring it into your daily life All our courses are available on video format. Besides the practical content, each session/course will include:

  • Recommendations for practice time

  • Supporting materials for Theory and Practice (extra videos, articles,...)

  • Questions & Answers section, that most surely will cover any difficulty that appears

  • Support email service for each session

  • Option to join a live group practice session (1 FREE x Course)

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