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The ThaiG Hub

A Path Towards Reality

Koh Chang | Thailand

"A collective global community based in Thailand.

Dedicated to sharing the inner practices of Taiji, Meditation and Internal Arts."

Founded by the G's

The ThaiG Hub is a collective global community that aims to connect like minded practitioners, dedicated to the inner practices of Taiji, Meditation and Internal Arts.

Whether you are a teacher, student or practitioner, we welcome you to join our community.

Based in Koh Chang, Thailand, ThaiG Hub is dedicated to sharing and spreading authentic teachings and practices so more people can access and benefit from them. The more the community grows, the more we are able to expand our pool of training resources to share with others.


We specialize in Taiji & Meditation, Reiki, Holistic Therapies & Creative Workshops.

Additionally we also offer seminar hosting for like minded teachers & practitioners within our school/lineage.

The ThaiG Hub Project

Koh Chang, Thailand

Interested in learning more about internal arts and the practices we teach? Read on to learn more about our inspirations, mission and goals behind our project, and how you can help!

Taiji Koh Chang. Photo Credit: Victor Ung

Taiji School

Regular classes are offered 3 x a week every Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings 8.30-10am. All our classes are open to local & overseas visitors who are interested in long term practice. Daily training and extended class options are available for visiting students and practitioners.


If you are a beginner and interested to learn more about what we teach you are welcome to join any of our classes for a free demo  to experience the ancient Daoist art of Taiji for Mind and Body. We teach the traditional method with a modern approach.


Our system has a wide network of experienced Teachers around the world so we will be happy to direct you to a Teacher close by to continue your practice if your only visiting for a short time!

Classes led by Guilllem B. 

Please ensure to contact us prior if you wish to join for a demo.

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Studio rental, Koh Chang (Photo Credit: Yani Cai)
Koh Chang. (Photo Credit: Yani Cai))

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