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Plant Shadows


A collection of testimonials from our students, fellow practitioners, and clients around the world.

Thanks for all the kind words & support on each others Inner Path!

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"I’ve been practicing and studying with Guillem since 2013. His teaching has helped my internal development, and he continues to be a great resource for my learning. One of his great strengths in teaching is the clarity with which he can explain the steps necessary to clearly progress to improve whatever level you are practicing at. The system of teaching laid out by Patrick Kelly is a wonderful system for internal development, Guillem has had close contact with Patrick for more than 15 years, he has made a big effort to put a great deal of that knowledge into the online platform of Taijistream. It is a resource that I recommend for all of my students, and one that I use as well, to continue to benefit from Guillem’s knowledge and practice."


Taiji Instructor & Practitioner

"In Gar I found an amazing guide, teacher and friend. She has helped me to explore my own spiritual universe with incredible patience and love in a non judgmental space where all ideas were listened. I arrived to my first Reiki treatment with Gar telling her I didn’t believe that much in it but I was curious. She assured me that curiosity was enough and that first treatment was so deep enough that it was impossible for me to say there is not truth in this. The healing that came after was so profound that I decided to become a Reiki practitioner with her. It has being a wonderful journey full of learnings, un-learnings, healing, love and trust with my deepest higher self. I couldn’t recommend her more. Gar will share with you all her knowledge and will hold space for you to explore your inner power."

Nayeli S

Reiki Student

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