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About Us

The ThaiG Hub is a community platform and Taiji School based in Koh Chang, Thailand.

 Founded by life partners Guillem Bernadó and Gar Cheung in 2023.

Created initially through their shared inner practice of Taiji, ThaiG Hub aims to create an accessible space and community where fellow practitioners and like minded individuals can gather often, to learn and share mutual teachings, resources, and experiences from one another.


Whether you are a teacher, practitioner or guest, your support contributes to our continued growth. Join us in our vision to create a wider network and pool of resources so that we can share with more people the many benefits of what internal practices can bring.

We specialize in Taiji & Meditation, Reiki & Creative Holistic Therapies to support mind, body and energy levels.

What we offer:

Local Taiji Classes | Workshops & Seminars 

Reiki Workshops & Treatments | Holistic Massage Therapies

Sustainable Creations | Creative Workshops 

Seminar & Workshop Hosting

The ThaiG Hub

"A collective global community based in Thailand.

Dedicated to sharing the inner practices of Taiji, Meditation and Internal Arts."

Founded by the G's.

The G Team

ThaiG Hub Founders, Koh Chang, Thailand

Gar, Guillem, Gorilla

The Original G Team

Guillem Bernadó

Born in Barcelona in 1973, Guillem's first contact with Internal Arts was as a teenager, although the idea that Taiji & Daoist Arts were the Path to follow only became obvious at the age of 25. After some exciting years of a Taiji journey discovery, he finally met a teacher that could transmit all the aspects of the Art of Taiji, Patrick Kelly. He has followed his deep teachings since 2005, and has been transmitting them to his best ability in his Girona school, and at Patrick's school 9 Clouds, Shanghai since 2014. In 2020 he launched his online Taiji platform to support the teachings (TaijiStream).


After 7 years in China, and completing his 7th cycle of 7 years of life, he is now taking the next step into a new and exciting life project with Gar to create The ThaiG Hub. A base where teachers and practitioners of their lineage can come together to share their practices in a beautiful warm environment. He will also continue to offer Taiji Seminars in Girona, Chicago and Boston. The aim is to help other like -minded individuals like you, to find their Inner Path through Taiji & Daoist Practices. Nice to meet you in the Path! 

More Details:


Taiji & Meditation Teacher (25+ yrs)

Gar Cheung

Born in the UK, Gar has been based in China her second home, for 17+ yrs. Her interest in Internal Arts began in 2014 when she was introduced to the system of Reiki. Her training stems from the Western lineage of Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki, and has recently furthered her training within the traditional Japanese system of Jikiden Reiki as an Okuden practitioner to gain a broader understanding of the whole system. She has trained with Tadao Yamaguchi, Head of The Jikiden Reiki Insitute in Kyoto, Japan.


Her interest to further explore her inner path led her in 2015 in began training Taiji under Patrick Kelly in Shanghai 9 Clouds, where she assisted over the last 5 years. A dedicated Taiji practitioner of 8+ years and Reiki Teacher, her approach is an integration of her knowledge and experiences from both key practices. She is the creative founder of holistic platform Vibereition, and her Creative Healing can be experienced through her creations and teachings. She aims to share her experiences with those on a similar path.

After 14+ years in Shanghai she is now ready to enter the next phase with The ThaiG Hub Project!

More Details:

Gar C, Reiki Teacher, Koh Chang, Thailand (Photo Credits: Victor Ung)

Reiki Teacher | Taiji Practitioner ( 8+yrs)


Rescued by Gar in Shanghai, she spent her 14+ years of life giving joy to the rest of the G Team, whilst mostly enjoying the good life. Eating bananas, sleeping on the bean bag in the sunshine, meditating under the bed to escape mundane life, and sharing her love with all who crossed her path.


Unfortunately she decided not to join us on our next chapter. Instead of Thailand, she chose to reside in an even more relaxed and chilled place, to match her carefree nature.

As we believe and support inner and outer freedom, we had to let her go on her own path, but her memory will always remain in our hearts. She achieved doggy #5 status in her life time :)

gorilla thaighub co founder

Life Support Master | (14+ yrs)

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