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Koh Chang 

Creative Workshops

At ThaiG Hub we offer a range of practices and skills to assist on the Mind-Body-Energy levels. Our creative workshops are a representation of our shared passion for creating, craftsmanship and sustainability. Each workshop offers a fun and creative way to work and enhance the body level. Ideal if you wish to learn a new skill, work with your hands or just looking for an alternative way to relax. Both Gar & Guillem offer a range of workshops specializing on using upcycled and natural resources to create your own eco conscious products and designs.


In addition Creative Healing courses are offered by Gar to combine both creativity and healing into one. Using a combination of various methods and her creative background, these courses are designed to help individuals tap into their potential in a fun and explorative manner.

View their crafty creations and creative brands Vibereition & Antic Vintage right here.


New workshops will be updated regularly.​

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DIY Recycled Tin Lamp Workshop

Led by Guillem

Interested to learn how to create your own lamp design whilst making a positive impact on the environment? Join us for this 2.5 hour interactive workshop to create your own unique and sustainable lamp. You will be guided step by step on how to recycle and adapt old discarded objects, into new quirky designs for your home. You will get the chance to solder and wire your creation yourself, and also learn some new practical skills that may come in useful for your everyday life! All materials are supplied, however if you have your own object you wish to refresh or use, please feel free to bring!

Wood Craft Workshop

Led by Guillem

Interested to use your hands and learn a new skill? Join us for this 3 hour wood craft workshop, and learn the basic skills and techniques to create your own sustainable wooden creation. All materials will be from discarded objects and scraps to keep your designs as sustainable as possible. This workshop will not only develop your practical skills, but also your creative ability to think outside the box, by using only limited up-cycled resources available. Enjoy the simple pleasures of creating something hand made by yourself! All materials are supplied.​

Carpenter Cutting Wood
Homemade Cosmetics

DIY Scrub Workshop

Led by Gar

Looking to be inspired, or to rekindle that joy or passion within yourself? When we learn new skills this often takes us back to a beginners state of mind, where we are open to learning, growing and exploring new possibilities. These DIY natural scrub workshops are a fun and simple way to re-spark your joy whilst learning a new skill that might spark some ideas of your own! A great way to unwind whilst utilizing your creative energy!

You will have the chance to create your own handmade natural coffee and Himalayan Salt scrub, as well as learning about the healing benefits of each ingredient. All materials are included!

DIY Jewelry Workshop

Led by Gar | Guillem

Love our handmade creations and want to create your own? Then join us for our DIY jewelry workshop to create your own unique hand crafted neckpiece whilst learning a new skill. Let your creative energy run wild, zone in your focus and build your patience skills all at the same time. We offer 2 types of DIY jewellery workshops:


Learn how to intuitively select your own crystals for your own needs/intention to create your own crystal healing neckpiece. You will learn basic wire wrapping techniques, as well as a simple introduction to crystal energies and .how to cleanse and keep your neckpiece activated


You will learn how to work with epoxy to create your own unique creation, and explore your creative skills by combining up-cycled and natural resources into your designs for a unique touch.

All materials are included!

Jewelry Making
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