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Taiji Classes

Regular practice is at the core of any system of self-improvement. It allows you to receive regular guidance, and to set up a finely tuned process of Body and Mind refinement. We recommend to practice 2-3 x a week to receive the full benefits.

How To Begin?

Interested to learn more but not sure where to begin? Then join us for our 24 sessions Taiji Beginners course. Over the 2 months of study, beginners will learn the 5 Loosening Exercises, the Taiji Short Form, the set of basic Pushing Hands, and the first level of meditation. After that we can discuss how to continue your inner training, according to possibilities.

Before joining we will ask you to first watch a class so you can see exactly what we do and we can answer any questions that arise. You are welcome to come watch on any of the below days. (Please let us know in advance).


Monday | Wednesday | Friday

Time: 8.30-10am

Duration: 1.5 hours

(Optional Weekend Training for Advanced practitioners/visitors: Morning/Afternoon

We practice:

  • 5 Loosening Exercises of M. Huang Xing Xian

  • Taiji Short Form of G.M. Cheng Man Qing

  • Taiji Long Form of G.M. Yang Cheng Fu

  • Taiji Fast Form of M. Huang Xing Xian

  • Basic Fix Patterns of Pushing Hands

  • Moving Patterns of Pushing Hands

  • Meditation

We train:​

  • Yang Style issuing transverse wave

  • Wu Style borrowing pressure wave

  • Chen Style spiral twisting wave

We follow:​

  • Philosophical Sphere: receive - respond - harmonise

  • Mental Sphere: intention - awareness - intelligence

  • Emotional Sphere: give - receive - share

  • Energy Sphere: etheric - astral - celestial

  • Physical Sphere: yield - neutralise - issue

  • Life Sphere: struggle - accept - understand

Taiji Koh Chang, Thailand (Photo Credit: Yani Cai)

Long Term Regular Training

Long Term Visitors & Residents


(For stages between 1-2 months)

If you are a resident or long term visitor and seeking to invest your time wisely during your stay, then join us for some deep internal practices on this beautiful island. 

If you are a beginner (zero to minimum Taiji experience), we recommend to join our  beginners course, where you will be introduced to the Taiji basics over 24 classes.



- 1.5 hours of training 3-4 times per week. 

- Extra free practice whenever there is a chance.


Fee: 360€ (24 regular classes)


If you already have some Taiji experience on our system, join for the regular training 3 or 4 times x week, or a more intensive training with morning and afternoon practice (morning for the short form, afternoon for long form), plus a 2, 3 or 5 days seminar if available on that period. (Check our calendar here)


Regular training (3-4 classes x week): 150€ x month

Intensive training (morning & afternoon, 4-5 days a week): 300€ x month.

Drop In Class Rates: Pm for more details.

Please get in touch with Guillem via email or Telegram to discuss details before joining, and to discuss any questions. 

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