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Retreat Programs

We offer a range of support programs suitable for both Reiki practitioner and clients. Practitioner programs are ideal for all levels, and created for students who wish to deepen their practice. Client programs are suitable for anyone looking for new tools and support on their current path.


Each program is personalized to your needs and combine both holistic and creative practices to assist mind, body and energy.  Taking personal time out for self work is a great way to introduce and stimulate healthy habits and change. Our aim is to provide support tools and guidance to help you establish your own practice so you can recreate your own inner retreat at anytime, regardless of outer life disturbances.


All programs will allow enough time for treatments, practice and of course plenty of personal time for relaxing.

3 | 7 Day Retreat Programs Available.

(Programs are flexible. If you wish to join a longer program, or just focus on treatments please contact Gar directly to discuss.)

White Plants


Practitioner Program


If you are a practitioner seeking to deepen or reconnect with your practice then our programs may be ideal for you. Our aim is to offer a supportive space where practitioners can gather often to deepen existing skills, and stimulate new approaches to strengthen their practice. If you are a dedicated practitioner, our programs are a good way to reconnect and relook at your practice with fresh eyes. Programs are 1:1 and also available for small groups.




Client Program

For those seeking a break from the hustle and bustle, our Client programs are a great way to disconnect from outer life and spend time to reconnect within. Each program will vary depending on your needs, but will include daily treatments, 1:1 guidance and additional practices that can be continued on in your own time. Ideal for those who wish to reset in a beautiful and tranquil environment with some additional support.


What to expect

All programs are tailored to individual needs. Whether you are an existing practitioner or client our programs aim to deepen your existing practice and provide a support tool to assist your self growth and journey.

If you are new to Reiki and interested in our programs we recommend to first have a treatment (distant or in person) or schedule an informal chat with Gar for more details to see if it is suitable for you.


- Introductory session to focus on goals & needs.

- Daily Reiki and/or Holistic Massage including 1:1 mentor guidance.

- Additional exercises/classes to refine and strengthen your current level of practice. (This will vary according to your level and development.)

- Meditative Practices & techniques. 

- Print out manuals to digest in your own time.

- Additional Self work & exploratory exercises to complete in your own time.

- Taiji Intro Classes during your stay. (Optional)

- 4-5 hours each day.

ADDITIONAL OPTIONAL CLASSES: (Fee program will be adjusted accordingly.)​

  • Global Active Stretching Program/Classes

  • Daily Taiji Training (for existing Taiji practitioners only.)

  • Reiki training & additional skills.​



Program Fee: 26000 THB (*Inclusive of accommodation 4N)



Program Fee: 49000 THB (*Inclusive of accommodation 8N)

* Accommodation rate is based on 1 person occupancy. Additional surcharges may apply for extra people.

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