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Practitioner Retreat Programs

We offer tailored programs for practitioners of all levels, combining both holistic and creative practices to assist mind, body and energy. Every program is an integration of tradition and modern Reiki techniques. Ideal if you are seeking to deepen or reconnect with your practice. Although you may learn a few new techniques, our main focus is to assist you in refining your existing practice and skills rather than adding more. Everything you need for your journey already exists in the Reiki system.

As practitioners, the main goal is to integrate Reiki into our daily life. We offer a supportive space so practitioners can gather often, deepen skills, ask questions and stimulate new and creative approaches to their personal practice.


Taking personal time out for self work is a great way to introduce and stimulate healthy habits and change. We aim to provide support tools and guidance to help you recreate your own inner retreat at anytime. Regardless of outer life disturbances.  Programs are 1:1 and available for small groups.


All programs allow enough time for treatments, practice and plenty of personal relaxing time!

3 | 7 Day Retreat Programs Available.

(Programs are flexible. If you wish to join a longer program, or just focus on treatments please contact Gar directly to discuss.)

What to expect

All programs are tailored to each practitioners needs and level, with the goal to deepen your practice, and support your self growth. You will be introduced to some new approaches and perspectives from the traditional Japanese Reiki system to compliment your already existing skills. It is recommended to
first have a treatment or schedule an informal chat with Gar to discuss the appropriate programs and topics for you.


You will receive one daily treatment per day, receiving  benefits from both a Western and Japanese Reiki perspective, as well as additional classes to expand and refine your practice. Additional self work should be done during your own time for maximum benefit. Programs are approx 4-5 hrs per day.

Daily schedule will include:

  • Introduction & 1:1 mentor session to identify focus, goals & needs.

  • Daily Reiki (Western | Japanese) session or Holistic Massage Treatment.

  • Ketsueki Kokan Ho Treatment (Blood Circulation technique)

  • Sei Heki Chiryo Ho Treatment (Traditional Reiki Habit technique.)

  • Additional classes/topics relevant to your practice/focus.

  • Additional Practices & techniques. 

  • Print out manuals to digest in your own time.

  • Taiji Intro (Tue/Thur/Sat only) or daily meditation class.

PROGRAM4N/3D (*Inclusive of accommodation 4N)

40% off standard accommodation rate | Program Fee: 5100THB/ per day.


FEE: 20100 THB (5025THB/ per day)

PROGRAM B: 8N/7D  (*Inclusive of accommodation 8N)

50% off standard accommodation rate | Program Fee: 4100THB/ per day.

FEE: 36600 THB (4575 THB per day)

* Accommodation surcharge may apply for additional guests.

Our special program rates are exclusive only to practitioners staying with us. If you wish to join our program but stay elsewhere please note program fees will differ. Please message us directly if you prefer this option.


Program Topics

During your program we will be covering different topics each day to help refine your practice. Topic choices will vary depending on experience and needs. If there is something particular you would like to focus on please discuss prior to your stay so we can create the most beneficial program for you.

Below are a few of the topics that maybe introduced:

#1: Reiki As a Professional Practice 

This program is ideal for all practitioners who wish to develop their skills towards a professional set up or advance level practitioners who are regularly practicing with a variety of clients. We will work on refining and developing empathic skills to assist how to deliver and filter feedback to clients, as well as how best to deal with sensitive topics, issues and pressure that may come up during your practice. We will cover a range of case studies where you will get to practice and work on these skills, learn how to read clients and subtle signs, energy maintenance and how to approach financial and practical matters whilst keeping your motive pure. We will delve deeper into the 5 bodies and learn how to read and spot key indicators when a particular body is out of balanced. This program will ultimately assist you in transitioning smoothly from a personal to professional practice and setting yourself apart from others.

#2: Refining Your Practice: Traditional Aspects & The 5 Pillars

To continue evolving your Reiki practice it is important to first understand the roots and the original essence.This program is focused on connecting practitioners to the more traditional aspects of Reiki from a Japanese perspective. We will cover historical details of Reiki, how it has evolved and influential teachers. The main focus of this program will be working with the 5 main pillars and how to utilize them fully in your practice. You will experience working with traditional Japanese techniques and learn new effective skills and methods to integrate into your practice. This program is ideal for practitioners who may feel disconnected, would like to understand more from a traditional view point or struggling to find ways to evolve their practice in the right direction. This program is aimed to help practitioners broaden their perspectives and fully utilize the existing skills they have.

#3: Layer Clearing and Self Development Skills

This program is for advanced level practitioners or Masters who would like to develop a consistent habit and method for deeper clearings. During this program we will identify the main focus areas or themes for your own personal clearing. You will learn a step by step method to follow to create a consistent habit for your own practice and how to use positive and negative traits, pressure and resistance as tools for self work. You will be introduced to the concept of Chief features, what they are and how to refine them as well as integrating additional tools and meditations into your practice. This program aims to give practitioners a clear structure to build on so with time practitioners can confidently work with their own guidance to create their own rituals for deeper clearings.

Feather Print

Being able to follow Gar as my Reiki teacher to accompany me on this inner discovery journey, I just feel very grateful. The 1:1 program really helped me address the unresolved issues or emotions that came up during the treatments. The specific guidance on how to use the pendulum really helped me rediscover it as a powerful tool to use in my daily reiki journey. At the beginning, I had a lot of resistance to using it and after the pendulum course I didn't think I connected well with it. However with Gar's 1:1 program she was able to teach me how to use it with my blocks, and next thing I know it just perfectly integrated into my reiki routine. It helps me see blind spots and identify the blocks which I have never been able to see before. It hugely enhances my clarity.

The traditional Japanese Reiki treatments are another highlight of this personal program. I didn’t have high expectations, but in 21 days, with consistent treatments and my determination to release the blocks, I was able to let go of the numb and weird sensation in my chest that had been bothering me for more than five years. I would say that’s amazing! I feel very grateful and forever thankful because Gar is more than a teacher; she’s a loving, supportive friend. All these healing things can sometimes be very daunting and spooky, but if you have a teacher and follow the program, it feels just safe and right. It's like there's always a light before you.

Jojo, Reiki Master

In person & Offline Practitioners Program

Additional Classes

If you would like to incorporate some additional classes into your program you can also choose from our other activities & classes.

  • Global Active Stretching Program/Classes

  • Daily Taiji Training (Existing practitioners only)*

  • Creative Upcycled Workshops (Lamp making, woodwork, crafting)

  • DIY Natural Bodyscrub workshops

  • DIY Wire wrap Jewelery Workshop

Special rates are available during retreat programs for all students.

Please ask directly.

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