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Koh Chang 

Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Training

There is a significant difference between receiving treatments and learning, so a pre assessment (in person or distant) is required prior to ensure you have a good understanding of what is involved before committing. Reiki brings a lot to surface, so this allows both sides to see if it is the right time to learn, and to ask any questions you may have.


We ask all practitioners to begin from Level 1 regardless of experience. Each system can vary greatly so to maintain and respect the quality and consistency of each training system we ask everyone to begin from basics. This is often a valuable time to revisit and recap on the fundamentals, as well as the opportunity to learn and experience Reiki from a different perspective.

Ongoing Reiki workshops and additional programs are available through out the yearas well as treatments and holistic therapies (appointment only.) If you wish to participate in one of our trainings in Koh Chang but the dates do not match, please contact us directly to check if there is availability during your visit. You will be required to have a treatment first before learning. 


Gar will be offering regular workshops and treatments through out the year in Thailand and Shanghai.

Before signing up for workshops please ensure to:

- Schedule a pre-assessment Reiki treatment (distant/in person) prior.

-  Fill out a short questionnaire.

- Existing students meet the pre-requisites for each workshop .

Check Gar's website for more details:


All Reiki courses are taught in person, and attunements are strictly passed on face to face ONLY. All Reiki training courses and training skills are accredited by ShivEnergetics and worldwide accreditation board

IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine.)

For more details visit:

**Scholarships available for local Thai residents or special cases.**

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The Teacher

Gar has been practicing Usui Reiki since 2014, and dedicates her time to sharing her knowledge and experiences through a range of holistic workshops and therapies. She is passionate about sharing the art of Reiki and  teaches within the Western system of Usui Shiki Ryoho (Hawayo Takata lineage) . She is also an Okuden Level Practitioner within the traditional Japanese system of Jikiden Reiki. 

(Jikiden Reiki: Mikao Usui - Chujiro Hayashi - Chiyoko Yamaguchi - Tadao Yamaguchi)

Her approach draws from her experience and knowledge from both perspectives and focused on the universality of Reiki rather than outer differences.  


She aims to continuously evolve and refine her understanding of Reiki and assist others in integrating it into their daily lives. Her approach is a unique blend of her knowledge from her two main inner practices (Reiki & Taiji), combined with her passion for creativity. This can often be experienced through her grounded approach in her training, treatments and creations.

Gar offers both Reiki based holistic therapies, as well as regular workshops and additional training & retreat programs. All workshops are in person and offered in Koh Chang.

Overseas workshops are available in Shanghai. (Please enquire for schedule.)

Reiki, Koh Chang, Thailand (Photo Credit: Victor Ung)

Level 1

Reiki is a powerful energy transfer system, a hands-on healing technique which works by connecting to our own spiritual energy. Reiki assists in intensifying our vibrational frequency to promote a healthier body, mind and spirit. During this 2 day workshop, 4 attunements (Reiju) are passed on. These assist in activating the student’s Kundalini (soul) energy. When activated and awakened, the energy is pushed from the root and expands the energy field, and etheric and outer aura (2 - 5 metres.)


During the attunement, the student is reconnected and reminded of their own spiritual being- their inner Reiki. A direct connection is made to Higher Self. A students own inner guidance connected to the soul and Higher Self is awakened, receiving exactly what they need at that moment in time.


The attunements are merely a “wake up” for the individual’ soul energy as the teacher facilitates this and guides the student through the soul evolutionary process. Passing on methods along the way to assist the students own inner growth. 2 months are needed for the Kundalini to settle in the physical body. During this time the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies begin to detoxify.

Reiki 1 students CANNOT receive financial exchange for treatments. 

Details: ฿14000 | 2  Day Course​


  • Pre Assessment Reiki treatment

  • Students must be 13yrs +


Level 2

During this two day workshop, 4 further attunements are passed to the student. The Kundalini rises, the aura and the third eye expands, the sensitivity of the student increases and more help from the student’s Higher Self come in to assist the student on this next step. Layers in the Spiritual Body come up to be cleansed. Deeper layers become present such as past events, karmic relationships or blockages, and the Mental Body starts to cleanse. The rise of Kundalini will push the Mental Body to start releasing built up ego conditioning.

The sacred Reiki symbols are passed on, and students will learn how to send distant healing to one or more people and places. Students will start to release karmic blockages & work on a deeper level.


Reiki 2 students CANNOT receive financial exchange for treatments.​

Details: ฿19000 | 2 Day Course


  • Reiki Level 1

  • Min 2 months between level 1 & 2

  • Min 10 hands on treatments

  • Pre Assessment Reiki treatment

  • Students must be 18yrs +


White Plants

Level 3

Much more is involved than just a two day workshop. It is simply two days to pass on the final 4 attunements. At this point students will have received all 12 attunements, have their Kundalini fully active, chakras and aura expanded and the ability to start accessing a potentially greater source of guidance available to them from their soul. After Level 3, there are no more attunements. The more treatments given the more help that comes in.


If the student remains humble, devotes themselves to being at service to others, sets the intention to help those who cross their path, and works on dismantling the ego self refinement, they will see soul shifts take place. If they are able to surrender and trust their divine path, they will become effortlessly aligned.


They will merge with Higher Self and begin to remove the ego personality. Higher guidance will choose to work closely with the student, merging with the student who takes on the energy imprint, and higher consciousness of the help that is made available and directly to them.​

Details: ฿24000 | 2 Day Course​


  • Reiki Level 1 & 2 | Pendulum Training | DPA Meditation Course

  • Min 6 months period before Level 3

  • Min 30 hands on treatments

  • Pre Assessment Reiki treatment

  • Students must be 18yrs +


Teacher Level

Only a very small percentage of Reiki Practitioners will go on to teach Reiki. 5 years of experience and development are required before student master-practitioners can be considered for assessment for the Reiki Teacher Levels. Students are personally approached for this level.


Information at this stage of development is given directly to the student-practitioner.​

Details: ฿50000 | 7 Day Course


Koh Chang & Shanghai Reiki workshops 

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