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Creative Showroom

Creative play and sustainability is a passion shared by both Gar & Guillem. Both have created their own brands to showcase their unique talents and personality- whilst contributing in their own small way to creating a more sustainably conscious way of living. Through their creations they hope to encourage more people to choose eco conscious alternatives, as well as inspiring others to utilize the natural resources around them. They hope to bring back a new found passion and appreciation for local craftsmanship. 

A new showroom for all creations will be coming soon at the ThaiG Hub!​


Noun |vibe·rei·tion |vīb-rā-shən 

"A feeling created that infuses someone or something with Universal Life energy. A hybrid creation of natural healing vibrations, Reiki energy and flow."

Vibereition is a holistic brand & platform, co-founded by Gar in Shanghai, 2016. A creative outlet to naturally merge a shared passion of Reiki, healing and creativity. Vibereition provide holistic tools to raise one's vibration through Creative Healing. A combination of natural frequencies, creativity, products and techniques to support inner growth. Our support tools focus on Reiki, Crystal Healing, Holistic Massage Therapies, and Creative programs.

Each handmade product is created by Gar and range from unique crystal jewellery designs, essential oil blends, and natural healing scrubs. We choose products that are natural and sustainably conscious; all created and curated with purpose and intention to heighten the good vibes within. Other carefully sourced natural products have been hand selected to enhance your well being. Spread a little magic into your daily life!

View the website here.


Antic Vintage

Antic Vintage is a sustainable brand founded in Shanghai, 2017, by Guillem. With an appreciation of vintage and sustainable creations from an early age, he always had a passion for discovering and refurbishing old objects. Happiest when scouting the streets for abandoned treasures, he uses his creative wizardry to transform the old into the new, giving discarded objects a new leash of life. He believes in being resourceful and utilizing what we have to minimize waste. Combining his creativity, craftsmanship and innovative ideas, Guillem adapts discarded items into quirky creations, often with a touch of humour.  A passion that began as a hobby, gradually grew to Antic Vintage. A creative outlet for his handy work, he creates eco friendly products, and custom designs that can be appreciated for years to come.

A combination of artisan craftsmanship and creativity, paired with abandoned everyday objects. The result is an eclectic collection of innovative eco friendly creations for the home. All materials are sustainably sourced from his adventures, from old tea tins, plastic bottles, bamboo, to old chairs and much more. Inspired by the natural evolution process of creating something new from the existing, he aims to give a second lease of life to abandoned materials, whilst inspiring others to do the same. His collection includes recycled tin lamps, wooden home decor creations and handcrafted neckpieces and knives.​ All designs are created with a greater vision to reduce carbon footprints in a creative way. Each design is limited, unique, with its own story to tell.

View more here.

Antic Vintage
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