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We aim to grow our community by sharing also valuable resources and tools which maybe useful for you. Check out our resource list below to find out more information connected to our teachings, practices, personal projects, or also if you are seeking a teacher or practitioner in your area. If you are a teacher/practitioner within our community and wish to be added to our resource list please contact us directly.

patrick kelly taiji & meditation worldwide

Our Taiji & meditation teacher, Patrick Kelly. He is a remarkable man with a broad knowledge of the Daoist, Yogi and Sufi traditions, All condensed in his website and teachings. Visit also 9 Clouds studio if you are visiting or living in Shanghai.

TaijiStream, taiji koh chang, thailand
Guillem bernado taiji & meditation teacher, koh chang, thailand, shanghai, girona, chicago, boston

Guillem's Taiji and Internal Arts site with the full schedule of Taiji seminars and classes around the world.

patrick kelly taiji, worldwide

A list of many of the teachers that follow the same Taiji teachings that we do, so you can keep practicing (almost!) anywhere in the world that you find yourselfTo purchase books written by our Teacher Patrick Kelly you can also find them on the above link.

Guillem bernado taiji & meditation teacher, girona

A full site (by Guillem also) with online tools and courses to support your personal practice. Created in times of Covid, it remains a useful tool to assist your ongoing training, whether you have access to a teacher or not.

Guillem bernado taiji & meditation teacher, chicago, boston

The school of our friends in Chicago, where you can also find Guillem teaching week long seminars and workshops twice a year.

If you are in Girona (Catalunya) you can attend the regular classes with Lia C, as well as one of the 3-5 day seminars that Guillem will be leading several times a year.

vibereition, reiki, crystals, holistic therapies & creative healing, koh chang, thailand, shanghai

Gar's personal site & platform for Reiki training, self-development skills, and holistic therapies. View also both Gar & Guillem's handmade creations here.

Screenshot 2024-05-28 at 18.46.56.png

To learn more about the traditional Reiki perspectives and Gar's Reiki training check out the Jikiden Reiki Institute official website for more details.

reiki treatments, courses, koh chang, thailand, shanghai

If you are in Granada (Spain), visit Sera, founder of ShivEnergetics & Gar's partner for Vibereition, for Reiki trainings and treatments of the same system.

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