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Taiji Seminars

Taiji seminars are a great opportunity to intensify your practice, and store deep input to refine your regular practice. The extended practice time allows to dive into the Taiji Principles and improve your understanding of it's internal transformative processes.


If you are a long term visitor or student, you are welcome to drop into our regular daily classes.

Check Guillem's websites for more details:

GB Taiji

Taiji Stream

2024 Schedule
Koh Chang

April 28th - May 5th | August 5-11th | November 4-10th

Regular Taiji seminars are offered by Guillem through out the year in Thailand, Spain and the US. Seminars are 3 or 7 days of intensive training to ensure ample time to refine your practice.

3 & 7 Day Seminar 

  • ​5 Loosening Exercises

  • Taiji Form

  • Tui Shou

  • Applications

  • Meditation​

Seminars are 5-6 hours of training, divided into morning and afternoon practice times.


Certain days will be allocated for more advance training (long form & quick fist.)


Please enquire directly.

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Taiji Girona Seminar, Aug 2023

Taiji Girona Seminar, Aug 2023

Taiji Chicago Seminar, Sep 2023

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