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To reach Koh Chang, is a little adventure in its self!

Easily accessible from both Bangkok and Trat (the closest city), making it a quick and easy convenient getaway from the city life.  If you are considering to visit, fly into either city and then reach the island via car pick up to the ferry. 



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The Island: Getting There


BANGKOK AIRPORT: Our first choice- arrange a private car. Your driver will pick you up directly at the airport and take you straight to the door of your resort. Easy and relatively affordable (around ฿3500 | 90€ | 700 RMB including the Ferry ticket. One way). Ideal if you want to just sit back and enjoy your ride hassle free. Ensure you leave BKK Airport no later then 12.30 PM due to ferry times. 5-6 hours with refreshment/ breaks in between.

Book your private transfer from Bangkok here.  (฿500 discount on round trip), or ask us and we can help you book with a private driver.


BANGKOK-TRAT AIRPORT: Fastest route is to fly from BKK-Trat (1 hour flight.) From Trat airport it will take around 20 minutes to reach the ferry point. The ferry is 30 minutes, and depending where you are staying another 20 minutes or so to reach your final destination. We can help to arrange pick up, or you can also easily get a local taxi or shared minibus when you arrive. It is a small airport with limited daily flights so local taxis/pick up cars will already be waiting. (Cheaper option than the recommended pre booking link). Around ฿280 to the pier (inc Ferry ticket). If your transport only takes you to the pier you will just need to pay your ferry ticket (฿80 per person) and grab another taxi (they will be waiting) when you exit on the other side (around ฿50-200 depending on where you are staying. Klong Prao should be approx ฿70)


 All flights to or from Trat Airport fly only to Suvarnabhumi Airport. ETA from Trat airport to the island is about 1 hour or less.


BKK-Trat flight tickets: Approx (One Way)

Low Season: ฿1,200/30€/240 RMB

High Season: ฿2800/70€/560 RMB

Peak season ฿3500 /90€ /700 RMB


Currently there are only 2 flights in each direction per day. **Please bear this in mind when booking your flights.**

Bangkok- Trat: 12:40 PM | 16:15 PM Trat- Bangkok: 14:10 PM | 17:45 PM

The last flight arrives at 5:15pm and is more than enough time to reach the last ferry. If you happen to miss it though, no worries- there are plenty of nice hotels to spend the night in Trat before catching the ferry over in the morning :-)


SHARED CAR/MINI VAN: Much cheaper then a private car, yet much more comfortable then public buses. Ideal for those who may be arriving in a group as costs can be shared. Prices are per vehicle.

BKK Airport- Koh Chang

Shared Car: (max 2 ppl): 4600 THB.

Mini Van (3-4 ppl): 5600 THB.

Additional passengers are charged 100 Baht per person upto a maximum of 7 passengers per minibus.

You can check more info for schedule, prices and booking here

Additional Info on Transport from Trat Airport click here


RENT A CAR: Rent a car from BKK Airport. Specially indicated for families with kids, and if you want to move easily around the island. (*Note it is right wheel and UK side driving!)


Ferry's from Trat to Koh Chang only operate until 6:30pm, earliest ferry begins at 6.30am. Please take that into consideration when booking your ticket to Bangkok. Getting in to a private car around 12-12.30pm at the latest should be enough time, but double check with us if you are not sure. Otherwise a night or so in Bangkok can be a nice option before you head over to Koh Chang for the rest of your relaxing trip :).

(All prices are a rough approximation and may vary depending on the period you arrive.)

Other options: There are also good public bus services (400-500THB), or shared minibus options (600-1200THB) that are substantially cheaper, but will take longer (7-8hrs) Prices include ferry ticket. Great alternative if you have time to explore or on a budget. Times are less flexible and follow a set schedule.  

For more info:

Ferry time table

Bangkok-Trat Airport Schedule

How to get here

Train, bus, ferry Bookings

The Island: Where To Stay

The best thing about Koh Chang is how simple it is to navigate. The main road makes a circle on the periphery, and you will mostly be using the West side. Ferry arrival is on the North tip, then heading South along the West road, you'll find these main areas:

  • Klong Prao: That's where we are located (South side!) A village with many good restaurants, bakery, shops and nice beaches nearby. It is the longest stretch of beach on Koh Chang and divided into two parts, Klong Prao North (also called Chai Chet), and Klong Prao South. More low key and quiet compared to other areas of the island. Lots of accommodation options to suit all budgets are available here.

  • White Sand Beach: The most popular, developed and touristy area of the island. Filled with hotels, restaurants, massage parlours, souvenirs shops, and a local night food market along the main road. Ideal for those who like everything at their fingertips. (20mins scooter ride from us.)

  • Kai Bae Beach: Located next to Klong Prao, it is also a convenient option and easy to get to us (10mins via scooter!) It is a good in between option as it has more life than Klong Prao with a nice strip of restaurants, shops and bar options, yet not as touristy as White Sand Beach. Ideal for those who prefer boutique resorts or beach bungalows rather than large hotel resorts. The beach however is much nicer further North!

  • Lonely Beach: Ideal destination for those looking for night life. Mainly a younger crowd, digital nomads and backpackers. There are many budget accommodation options in this area- ideal for those on a limited budget but still wanting to enjoy a more livelier area. Most accommodations are slightly away from the beach. (15 min scooter ride from us.)

  • South West Coast: Probably the wilder and nicest of the areas of the West coast. Bangbao fishing village is a cute local area and ideal for those who enjoy diving and snorkeling as it is the main set off point for trips. This is slightly further from our place so not as convenient to get to, unless you dont mind driving for quite some time each day.

If you have time, a trip to the East Coast ​is worth a visit to experience a completely different side of Koh Chang. Upon reaching Salak Pet and Long Beach, you will be transported to a much more quieter and serene atmosphere. These are great options to explore before or after your seminar!

Center of the Island: Several peaks and mountain roads, waterfalls, View spots...a lot to enjoy! 

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The Island: Moving Around

Moving around the island is easy, and in Klong Prao you will also have almost anything within walking distance. However, to visit places and the surrounding beaches some means of transportation is highly recommended:

  • Scooter: The star of the island, rent it for about 200-250 baht per day and explore the entire island! Available everywhere.

  • Bike: Ideal for short distances. (Unless you are a good cyclist!) Bikes are an ideal option, however you won't see many on the island as it is little too hard to get to the South West Coast in this way. There is one rental place within walking distance from our Hub.

  • Taxis: Open cabin pick-up trucks (Songtaews). They get you anywhere you wish for reasonable prices that are more or less set. Wait on the side of the roads and you will see them pass at some point. More details here.

  • Car: Rent a car on the island. Ideal if you want to take the family/group around easily.   

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