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Koh Chang 

Additional Training Skills

In addition to teaching Reiki courses, we also offer additional skills and methods to assist your Reiki training and self development. These courses are recommended to be taken alongside your Reiki training as they provide techniques to support your growth, and alternative skills to deepen your personal and professional practice whilst also strengthening your own inner growth and awareness.

These include: crystal healing, pendulum, psychometry, and DPA meditation. All additional courses are available only for Reiki students trained in our modality or an equivalent training standard. (assessment needed, pre requisites apply.)


All additional courses are taught by Gar.

All Reiki training courses and additional training skills are accredited by ShivEnergetics and worldwide accreditation board IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine.)

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Crystal Course, Koh Chang, Thailand, (Photo Credits: Victor Ung)

Crystal Healing

Would you like to be able to feel the energy of crystals with your own hands? To learn how to choose intuitively for your clients need and know where to place them in treatments? This course will introduce you to the wonderful world of healing crystals. Pre-requisites: Reiki Level 1

You will learn:


  • Basic understanding of different crystals and shapes.

  • Sensitizing hands to energy of crystals.

  • Reading crystal layout for treatments.

  • Basic understanding of crystals and chakras.

  • Cleansing & energizing crystals.

  • How to use them in both crystal treatments & Reiki treatments




1 Day Course​

Advance Crystal Healing

The Advance Level is an explorative course designed for crystal enthusiasts who wish to enhance and deepen their practice. This course focuses on tapping into creative energy to heighten connection, intuition and sensitivity, as well as expanding existing skills with extra techniques.

We will explore and develop a deeper understanding of the inner and outer senses, and introduce additional tools such as crystal grids and essential oils to fully access the true potential of crystal energies. An in-depth manual is included as a reference point so you can continue to develop and refine your skills confidently at your own pace. This course can be taken as a single day course for students who have already taken the Reiki Crystal Healing, or as a full 2 day combined intensive crystal workshop. Pre-requisites: Reiki Level 1 | Crystal Healing

You will learn:


  • Crystal shapes & formations (Expanded).

  • Methods to develop connection, intuition and sensitivity, & how to sense and read the Aura.

  • Creative exercises to explore the inner & outer senses.

  • Basics of crystal grids & how to build and work with them.

  • How to create your own crystal & essential oil blend.

  • Chakras- How to select, pair and align with the right crystals.

  • Methods to identify problematic areas in yourself & clients.

  • How to select crystals for the home & energy protection. 

  • Practical energy cleansing practices and how to incorporate crystals into your routine.



฿7500 1 Day Course

฿11000 2 Day Combined Course​


Pendulum Diagnosis

Would you like to improve your clarity when performing a Reiki treatment? Are you sometimes bombarded with visions and intuitions that you don’t know how to interpret, or seeking an additional skill to boost your confidence? This course can assist to develop your communication within, whilst also providing you with an invaluable tool for your own inner work. 

Pre-requisites: Reiki Level 2 

You will learn:


  • Learn how to cleanse and activate a pendulum.

  • How to use the pendulum responsibly and the appropriate questions to ask.

  • Learn how to use a pendulum with holistic bodies.

  • Learn how to give Pendulum Diagnosis of Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Emotional bodies.

  • Learn to identify which Chakras have congested energy & the root cause.

  • How to receive accurate answers from the Pendulum.




2 Day Course​


Psychometry is a psychic ability in which a person can sense or "read" the history of an object by touching or holding it. Impressions can be received through images, sounds, smells, tastes and emotions. A useful method to further advance your intuition and sensitivity. 

Pre-requisites: Reiki Level 1 & 2  | DPA | Pendulum

You will learn:


  • How to perform geographical analysis.

  • How to perform distance analysis on people and objects.

  • How to become sensitized to the matter of energy.

  • How to become sensitized to objects with energy impregnations and fragments.

  • How to sensitize to the energy of others from afar.

  • How to identify psychically, impregnation of energies.




2 Day Course

Crystal Ball
Meditate at the beach

DPA Meditation

A 7 day transformational meditation course (Developing Psychic Awareness). This progressive meditation takes place over 30 sessions, each one further activating the Third Eye to increase both psychic and inner awareness that can be be translated to everyday life. For sensitives and healers, this course is about enhancing our intuitive skills with humility and purpose. Each meditation will assists in revealing the deeper layers of the ego and inner self, and the subtle messages to assist our inner refinement. Pre-requisites: Reiki Level 1


You will learn:


  • Different levels of consciousness.

  • How to reach the Theta range of consciousness.

  • How to establish personal goals.

  • Spot differences between animate & inanimate objects

  • Identify intelligent animate objects 

  • How to project intelligence and retrieve information.

  • Universal laws with energy development and skills.

  • To use clairvoyance and psychic skills effectively.

  • Interaction with chakra development and 6th sense.



฿ 25000

7 day Course

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