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Koh Chang

Massage Therapies

For those who enjoy a more physical approach we offer a range of unique relaxing massage treatments in house. All massage treatments are a combination of Reiki and holistic massage techniques. Each massage is intuitively guided by Reiki and works on treating mind, body and energy to restore peace and harmony to your wellbeing.


 Combination treatments are available upon request.

Reiki Massage, Koh Chang Thailand (Photo Credit: Victor Ung)

Reiki Massage

This unique healing method combines the complimentary healing art of Thai massage and Reiki. Reiki intuitively directs where the energy needs to flow, whilst Thai massage techniques are combined  to physically stimulate and release stagnant energy built up in the body. Reiki helps to identify problematic areas as well as assist in building a deeper understanding and connection between our mind, body and energy. This method is focused is on bringing physical relief or relaxation through activating and clearing energy lines, therefore no readings are given.

Each session begins with Reiki to intuitively guide the session, varying according to each person's needs. The natural combination of these two ancient methods provides a unique and amplified energetic release, without being overwhelmed with additional details that can often surface in a regular Reiki session. As toxins are hidden deep in the muscles, the addition of physical massage techniques can help stimulate them quicker to the surface to speed up the releasing process.

Gentle pressure such as tapping, stroking, kneading and sweeping is used to send Reiki through the system, dispersing any stagnant energies that maybe blocking the flow of your own Qi. As a result your own natural healing system is stimulated and enhanced. Each treatment will end with a traditional Japanese Reiki technique "Ketsueki Kokan Ho (Kekko massage)- a short yet powerful blood circulation/exchange massage​ to rejuvenate the energy system.


This massage is ideal for those who prefer a gentle and more intuitive touch.



  • Receive amplified healing effects through the combination of two effective methods.

  • Identifies main problematic areas of energetic blocks in the body.

  • Brings awareness and understanding to the connection between mind-body-energy levels.

  • Assists in locating root cause behind physical issues/pains

  • Deep relaxation & restores overall balance. Reduces stress and tension in body & mind.

  • Stimulates the body’s self-healing process. ​Improves the blood & lymph circulation.

  • Boosts energy flow to rejuvenate the system. Improves sleep quality, fatigue and insomnia.

  • Gently & effectively releases stuck energy without being overwhelmed.

  • Experience traditional Japanese Reiki techniques to enhance blood circulation in the body.

Standard: ฿4000 | 90 mins 
Full Reiki & Massage Combo: ฿4500 | 120 mins

Crystal Massage

A unique holistic therapy blend of crystals, Reiki, essential oils, and Thai massage healing. This method stimulates our natural flow of life force by releasing stagnant energy in a gentle, relaxing and non invasive way. Crystals are intuitively selected, whilst Reiki energy amplifies the crystals and guides the healing to the areas in need. Combined with our crystal essential oil blends, this powerful combination works on all levels of the mind, body and spirit. A more intuitive massage, each session is unique depending on your needs.

Crystal tools such as spheres, and wands are combined with gentle pressure and massaged to direct the energy vibrations deep into your body to receive the maximum benefit of the crystals. Crystals help to absorb negative or stagnant energies from the system, replacing them with a higher frequency to restore peace and balance to your overall well-being. The constant flow of Reiki also assists in recharging your own energy flow.

Highly relaxing and recommended for crystal lovers. A full back, front and head/shoulder treatment, inclusive of a mini crystal facial. Upgrade to a hot session for maximum relaxation. Choose from 11 signature crystal essential oil blends, created with healing intention. 



  • Receive different healing from various crystals.

  • Powerful synergy of healing combining crystals, Reiki, Thai massage and essential oil benefits.

  • Identifies root areas and releases energy blocks.

  • Gentle, natural, non invasive healing.

  • Aids deep relaxed state & boosts energy flow.

  • Absorbs negative energy & replaces with a higher frequency to realign & balance.

  • Accelerates the immune, body & lymph circulation system.

Standard: ฿3800 | Hot: ฿4000
90 mins
crystal massage, thailand, koh chang, reiki
himalayan salt massage, koh chang, reiki, thailand

Himalayan Salt Cleanse Massage

This deeply detoxifying salt massage makes for the perfect aura cleanse, combining the detoxing properties of Himalayan salt, with the intuitive nature of Reiki & Thai massage. This synergy helps identify negative and stuck energy, and effectively release it from your system to restore balance.

With over 84 natural minerals Himalayan salt gently exfoliates and cleanses on both a physical and energetic level. By producing negative ions, these help to balance out the positive ions in your system and also increases the alkalinity in your body to improve overall well being.


Using a variety of salt stones, these are combined with our crystal essential oil blends and Reiki to send direct healing into the areas most needed. Ideal for those who feel energetically drained, or needing an energy boost. Ideal for cleansing and purifying your energy field, whilst relaxing the body and mind. Also available as a Hot stone treatment for added relaxation. This treatment includes full front and back, and finished with a relaxing head and shoulder massage. Choose from 11 signature blends created with specific intention.


  • Over 84 natural minerals to cleanse and purify your energy field with anti microbial properties.

  • Targets negative or stuck energy in specific areas with the guidance of Reiki and Thai massage.

  • Exfoliates and removes daily toxins from skin/system.

  • Strengthens and firms skin tissue, throughly cleanses skin pores & removes dull dead skin cells.

  • Stimulates movement in the body and energy system.

  • An effective anti-inflammatory treatment.

  • Relieves stress related symptoms, and tension.

  • Promotes healthy sleeping patterns, and peace.

  • Heated salt stone alleviates muscle and joint pains.

  • Combined with crystal aromatherapy to enhance the natural energy healing aspect.

Standard: ฿3800 | Hot: ฿4000
90 mins
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