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Koh Chang

Holistic Therapies

We offer Reiki treatments from both a traditional Japanese and Western approach, as well as a range of unique holistic therapies combing Reiki and creative tools to enhance mind, body and energy. Each holistic massage therapy is a combination of Reiki energy and traditional massage techniques to pinpoint energetic blockages and discomfort in the body. Each session is intuitively led by Reiki to effectively locate and release physical tension/pain/stress, which is often connected to our emotional or mental state.


If you are unsure which treatment is for you, send us a message and we will happily guide you through the choices!

Traditional Reiki Treatment

A traditional Japanese holistic hands on healing that works by stimulating your own connection to  Reiki energy, to assist your own internal system. In a treatment Reiki intuitively flows to the areas in need, identifying root causes to help release stagnant energy in the system. When Byosen is detected in the body (disease lines) the Reiki flows to release the accumulated toxins. This allows the recipient's own Qi to flow more freely, in turn improving overall health and wellbeing. A traditional treatment works on identifying Byosen and releasing it rather than working through the chakras as often taught. This may involve working on one or two area for an extended time as the toxins comes in waves, and maybe done on your front and/or back. When Byosen is released this will have a significant impact on your mind, body and energy level.


In a traditional treatment you will not receive an energetic reading, however some guidance maybe passed on to indicate problematic areas. We begin the session by discussing specific areas/issues you would like to focus on to direct the energy followed by the treatment. Traditionally Reiki includes a number of techniques that go beyond the hands on treatment, these will be experienced during your session.

These sessions are ideal for those who wish to experience Reiki in its original essence. We practice in the way that was directly taught and passed on from Dr Hayashi to Chiyoko Yamaghuchi (Jikiden Reiki) with no additions. The beauty of this approach is the simplicity and effectiveness that has stood the test of time. These sessions are also ideal for those specifically working on physical/health or mental/emotional issues/patterns or habits.

Reiki offers a well rounded and insightful healing session, ideal for those seeking balance or a tool for self discovery. Whether your struggling with daily life, physical issues or wanting to explore deeper, Reiki is a gentle system available to all. 


Energy knows no boundaries. We offer distant healing where ever you are in the world, ideal if you are not able to have a physical session. All we need are some details such as name, date of birth and location. A summary will be provided after. Read more here on distant treatments.

  • Helps to align and balance mind, body and energy levels.
  • Identifies Byosen in the body and clears toxins & stagnant energy.
  • Helps to boost low energy levels & improve immune system.
  • Assists in identifying root causes and problematic areas. 
  • Assists in developing a deeper connection and inner awareness of ourselves.
  • A powerful tool for self understanding & inner development.
  • Complimentary to the healing process of conventional medicine, treatments & procedures.
  • Improves sleep state, and releases tension and stress.
  • Blood circulation technique to stimulate a faster release of toxins.
  • Effective techniques for releasing negative habits, patterns, thought forms and addiction.
Details: ฿3000 | 75-90 mins 
Reiki, Koh Chang Thailand (Photo Credit: Victor Ung)

Intuitive Reiki Treatment

An intuitive Reiki session works in the same way but from a slightly different perspective. In both treatments you receive exactly the same energy and benefits from Reiki. An intuitive Reiki session however takes its roots from a more Western approach often focusing on chakras and bodies, as well as incorporating additional tools such as crystals to offer an additional layer of insight.

The same energetic process takes place, but the main difference is additional insight maybe passed on that can offer invaluable guidance in understanding yourself better. This insight is not relevant to the quality of the Reiki you receive, as the treatment itself is what is working on bringing your energy in to balance. However additional insight can be a great asset alongside your treatment to assist in developing a better awareness and connection to oneself. Any insight passed on is subject to your own interpretation and  should be treated with an open mind. See them as little clues that may guide you along your own path of self discovery. This is discussed over a short chat at the end of your session.

These sessions are ideal for those who are seeking additional guidance to help them navigate better through life, or those who seek to better understand themselves on a deeper level.

  • Helps to align and balance mind, body and energy levels.
  • Identifies blockages in the chakras and clears toxins & stagnant energy.
  • Helps to boost low energy levels & improve immune system.
  • Assists in identifying root causes and problematic areas. 
  • Assists in developing a deeper connection and inner awareness of ourselves.
  • A powerful tool for self understanding & inner development.
  • Complimentary to the healing process of conventional medicine, treatments & procedures.
  • Improves sleep state, and releases tension and stress.
  • Energetic reading into your treatment.
  • Offer valuable insight to better navigate yourself and implement change.
  • Receive complimentary healing from additional natural tools such as crystals.
Details: ฿3500 | 75-90 mins

Reiki Mentor Session

If you are seeking specific guidance, direction, working through an issue or need advice on how to fully integrate the benefits of Reiki into your daily life, then a Reiki Mentor session maybe for you.


A Reiki session will often highlight specific details connected to any energetic imbalances, that are released during the treatment. This can offer additional insight to develop a better understanding and awareness of what is causing imbalance in your energy. With this information, often clients can create positive and impactful changes to help counteract patterns or negative traits that they carry. The full benefits of Reiki is achieved when the client begins to take responsibility for their own healing to stimulate change. A treatment can be highly effective in releasing energy blocks, however if the client continues on the same course and sets no intention to change or work on themselves, often they will find these symptoms/issues/patterns will keep returning. 


You will be guided before and after your session to help identify your main focus areas for refinement, to develop a deeper understanding of your self. We will work together to interpret the session, and the main messages that are being highlighted. We will focus on practical methods that can help you to integrate change into your daily life. You will receive a follow up summary with a break down of key points and details from each session, including additional worksheets to assist your inner work.

  • Guidance on how to shift/break patterns or mental belief systems that are blocking you.

  • Develop a better understanding and awareness of the mind-body-energy field connection.

  • Create positive shifts and changes in your life.

  • Additional and highly effective traditional techniques to rewire negative thoughts/pattern/habits.

  • Written summary and recommended actions and steps to take. 

  • Practical self exercises and tools to support your session.

  • One week follow up guidance online.

Details: ฿7000 | 120 mins
Studying at Home
Reiki, Crystal Healing Koh Chang Thailand (Photo Credit: Victor Ung)

Crystal Healing

A gentle, effective way to receive healing in a natural and non intrusive manner. This relaxing treatment involves placing intuitively selected crystals on various points of the client’s body to identify and assist with releasing blockages around the body. All crystals have high vibrational healing energies that respond to our own vibrations and needs, and can be used to release stagnant energies. The combination of crystals also offer a powerful synergy effect to amplify the healing effects.

We first select one of our crystal essential oil blends to help relax you into your session. Each created with a specific intention, we intuitively select one for your needs, or you can also select your own. Using Reiki energy we intuitively place the crystals around the body, adjusting when needed depending where the energy needs to flow. Crystals may be tapped or stroked along the body to cleanse and direct stagnant energy out. Crystals are Reiki energized to heighten the healing vibrations, and combined with a pendulum diagnosis to offer further insight into where certain congestions may lie which can help with the releasing. A great way to relax, balance, and realign your energy. Ideal for those who prefer a more gentle and non contact session.


  • Indicate specific areas of congestions and blockages in the chakras and body.
  • Realigns and balances the system.
  • Receive various amplified healing frequencies from different crystals.
  • Quick and effective way to boost energy, and release stress & tension from body & mind.
  • Absorbs and releases negative or stagnant energy in a natural and non intrusive way.
  • Complimentary to the healing process of conventional medicine, treatments and procedures.
  • Enhances deep relaxation, peace and balance on a mind, body and energy level. 
  • Vibrations are amplified with the energy of Reiki.
Details: ฿2500 | 60 mins

Creative Healing Program

Creative Healing is an external expression of our inner world. A response to our internal thoughts, emotions & senses, expressed physically. This custom program has been created for those who seek guidance to move forward on their path, whilst tapping into their creative potential.

During the 12 weeks we will progressively work on identifying road blocks, and dismantle patterns and belief systems that hold us back. Each week you will be given new tools and methods to help you deepen your connection with your inner creativity to refine your own inner path.


Creativity and healing go hand in hand but are all too often disconnected in daily life. This in time can lead to disalignment, discontentment, and in the worse case dis-ease. When we dis-align with spirit, we will often experience pressure and difficult life situations which depletes our energy system. This causes havoc on our emotions, thoughts and actions and affects our overall well being in the long term. This program is a combination of Reiki, holistic tools, creativity, mentoring, but most importantly-your own commitment. Each session will vary and will include weekly check ins and additional materials to support you each week. 


You will be required to commit FULLY to weekly sessions for a period of 3 months to achieve full benefits. 


Programs are available in person and online. Enquire directly for prices.

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