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The ThaiG Hub

The beginning of a new cycle

The 7 year cycle often marks the beginning and the end.

As we both slowly start to approach the closing of our 7 year cycle in Shanghai (7 & 14yrs!), we realize that the time has now come for us to switch gears and embark on a new journey!


After many years of learning, practicing and teaching Internal Arts & Meditation, we are now taking the next steps to bring a shared life project to life. Our hope is to help spread these valuable practices on a much wider scale, so more people can receive the benefits they bring.

The ThaiG Hub

"A collective global community based in Thailand.

Dedicated to sharing the inner practices of Taiji, Meditation and Internal Arts."

Founded by the G's.

Our initial vision was to create and build a Hub and community in Thailand based on our shared inner practice of Taiji.  A Taiji school and accessible hub where we can also support other fellow practitioners to offer their own workshops and seminars. This collective space will allow teachers and practitioners alike to come together regularly to train and learn from one another through sharing mutual teachings and experiences. By bringing like minded people together, practitioners will also contribute to expanding the pool of training resources for others, as well as being part of a strong community regardless of where you are based in the world.

Our shared inner practice of Taiji forms the foundations of the Hub, yet a range of authentic teachings and practices is offered based on our own field of expertise to benefit mind, body and energy levels. Our specialized practices include Taiji, Meditation, and Reiki & creative holistic therapies. Regular classes, treatments and therapies will also be on offer to benefit both the local and international community.

Koh Chang

A place that resonates with both vision and heart. With an estimated population of 10000 people, it is the third largest island in Thailand, yet much less developed than islands such as Phuket and Koh Samui. Its hidden charms offer the perfect balance of yin & yang, where local fisherman villages and strong community spirit can be found harmoniously alongside modern tourism facilities. 80% of the island is a natural park consisting of beautiful beaches, mountains, waterfalls and rainforests. Ideal for those looking to reconnect with the simplicities of nature. It offers relaxation and quietness, yet still an abundance of leisurely activities such as kayaking, trekking, water parks, massage, and local restaurants to keep you entertained.


Why not choose to base ourselves in a more visible or popular destination? Our personal choice has always been less mainstream, and we believe the best benefits is to share such practices in places where they are less accessible. Koh Chang is an ideal location for us as it allows us to connect more people to the benefits of internal practices, whilst giving back to both the local and international community.

The Base

Thanks to all the support we have managed to secure the ThaiG Hub base for the next year. This property was our original inspiration for the hub over a year ago. We are now in a position to set up the base, with the aim to fully secure it within the next 12 months if suitable. 


It is a unique 2 Floor open building with a mix of modern and Thai style design, surrounded by a lush garden and an abundance of nature. Each floor is 200 sqm, allowing to fit 1 large Taiji Training Space (120sqm), 1 large meditation space, 1 Reiki and holistic therapies treatment room, a living space for ourselves, and a fully equipped guest apartment. The large kitchen, and outdoor BBQ area makes it a perfect space for communal feasting during seminars and workshops!


Situated in the quiet surroundings of Klong Prao village, it is an ideal setting for cultivating inner work in a peaceful tranquil environment, surrounded by the sounds of nature. We are slightly tucked away from the main street, yet conveniently located within walking distance from local beaches, restaurants and activities. Accommodation can be easily arranged in one of the many beautiful resorts around.

The Phases

thaighub taiji taichi classes & workshops, koh chang, thailand

Phase 1

Securing the Property

Through your generous support we have managed to raise almost €30,000 of our big goal of €100,000. This has allowed us to secure the base for the next year. The coming year will allow us to assess the suitability of the place, and to raise the remaining funds if we decide to purchase. Once secured we will have the freedom to move forward and further invest our time and energy into the next phases!

creative & sustainable workshops thaig hub, koh chang, thailand

Phase 2

Community Steps

To return the help received and more! We aim to create a strong community presence through local initiatives such as DIY & sustainable workshops, creative programs and regular classes and treatments. We hope to support other teachers also to set up their own workshops, in order to create a bigger pool of resources to benefit both the local and international community. Have a valuable skill to share? Then join us!

thaig hub taichi, taiji, reiki, holistic therapies, koh chang, thailand

Phase 3

Improving The Base

Self-improvement applies to both inner and outer life. So this also means self improvement for The Hub! Future plans will include enhancing the space for our practices, shared facilities such as a creative workspace and resource library for our community to enjoy, as well as adapting a more sustainable approach. We will continue to refine to create the best possible atmosphere for you! 

Koh Chang Gems 5.jpg

How To Support

Thanks to all those who generously supported, we have managed to raise €29,960  to help bring this project to life. We would not have made it this far on our own so Thank You!


As we are beginning to settle and build the base, we will be closing the fundraiser in order to focus on the most important part- building our community and sharing our practices. For all help received, please contact us when you wish to receive your exchange for your chosen trainings, classes, treatments or accommodation :)


We still need all the help we can get, so please continue to support us through sharing our project with your communities, circles and social media. This is a huge help for us in reaching a much wider network, and for us to be able to work on raising the remaining funds ourselves to secure the base next year.


Attending future seminars, workshops, treatments or a visit is of course the best way to support, as well as supporting your own inner growth :)

If you wish to support directly or have any suggestions/ideas, then please get in touch!

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