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MIKAO USUI reiki, koh chang, thailand

Usui Reiki

The Background...

The word Reiki originally derives from the Japanese characters for REI 靈(Universal Life) and KI 氣(Energy). In its most basic understanding, it is often loosely interpreted as"Universal Life force or Energy. It is a method for tuning into the natural forces and frequencies of the universe. Its original terms 'Shin Shin Kaizen Usui Reiki Ryoho' 心身改善臼井氣療法  translates to 'Usui Reiki Therapy for Improving Body and Mind'. This simple translation can begin to help us understand the many depths and layers of Reiki as a healing system to unite mind, body and spirit. A universal system that brings us into alignment with our higher self, and a tool for our own self mastery and self development.


(1865-1926) Japan

Brief History

Usui Reiki Ryoho (Usui Reiki Healing method), is an art of hand healing therapy that originated in Japan, by Dr Mikao Usui in 1922. His discovery of this healing system was a result of an intense 21 day meditation practice on Mount Kurama, following many years of dedicated spiritual practice and effort. Upon discovering this art, Master Usui began to spread his system throughout Japan before his passing in 1926. During his time, he taught between 21-22 Masters, one of them being Hayashi Chujiro (1880-1940). 


In 1925 Dr Hayashi established “The Hayashi Reiki Research Institute” it was here that Hawayo Takata (1900-1980) came to him as a patient suffering from a number of serious disorders including tumors. As a result of her treatments she was completely cured from all ailments. Takata was initiated by Dr Hayashi as a Reiki Master of the Usui system. After Hayashi’s death, Takata became his successor. She later took the Usui system of healing back to Hawaii, initiating 22 Reiki Masters before her death in 1980. Thanks to Takata, Reiki was able to become known in the West, and gradually spread its teachings across the world.

5 Precepts

One of the main aspects of Reiki are the Five Precepts- "Gokai" developed by Master Usui. Often seen as a philosophy of life for Reiki practitioners, these principles are a vital part of the system to help direct individuals to a deeper and more harmonious state within. Apply these simple principles to your daily life.



"Just for today, do not anger 
Do not worry and be filled with gratitude 
Devote yourself to your work. Be kind to people."

​"Every morning and evening, join your hands in prayer. 
Pray these words to your heart 
and chant these words with your mouth.
Usui Reiki Treatment for the improvement of body and mind."

The founder 
Usui Mikao

How Does It Work

Reiki is an energy healing that works through channeling energy through the placement of hands on the body. The therapist acts as a channel receiving the Reiki energy from a higher source, to transmit to the recipient to help align and rebalance the energy system. 


Reiki is a life force energy which automatically flows to where it is most needed in the body, detecting areas of imbalances or stagnant energy during the process. This helps to bring not just the physical body in to balance, but also the spiritual, mental and emotional aspects. During the treatment the flow of energy helps to intensify the vibrational frequency of the recipient, promoting a healthier mind, body and spirit. Awakening the individuals own natural healing system or 'inner Reiki.'

The treatment identifies blockages, toxins, and stagnant energy in the body, and helps us to understand the connection between our spiritual, emotional, mental and physical bodies. The release of these blocks allow our life force energy to flow more freely, so we can feel more in harmony and alignment. Reiki is available to anyone who is open to it, regardless of age, gender, race and religion. Even if you are skeptical, the Reiki will still flow, as long as you are willing to receive it.

Each Reiki treatment is a personal, unique and insightful experience, and differs greatly from one individual to another. Defining Reiki in words is often quite a difficult task, which is why we encourage those who have a genuine interest to experience the healing for yourself!

What it Offers

Reiki can assist you in all areas of your life. As an energy healing system, it works on bringing balance to the mind, body and energy levels to improve overall health and wellbeing. Reiki can assist in identifying the root of your issues, and offer valuable insight and awareness to what maybe blocking your path. It was created mainly as a self development system by Master Usui, and can serve as an invaluable tool to reveal and refine the subtle parts of ourselves for self growth. As these aspects are revealed, this in turn helps to release energetic blocks that restrict our Qi from flowing freely around the body. When Qi is able to move freely, we can experience more balance in both our inner and outer life.

Benefits from a Reiki session go beyond the physical healing it self. It can help to develop a much deeper awareness and understanding of yourself, however the true benefits come when the individual is willing to make the effort and set the intention to do the "inner work".


The full benefits of Reiki only take place once the individual is willing to take responsibility for their own journey. A Reiki therapist is merely a channel that can offer a helping hand to guide you. When individuals are willing to fully integrate with Reiki, this is when you will receive the true potential of what Reiki has to offer. 

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How it can Help

  • Physical issues/illnesses from body pains, tension, aches, to more serious health issues such as : surgery recovery, eating disorders, long term illnesses such as cancer, autoimmune disease, 

  • Traumatic life events such as sexual/childhood traumas, past wounds/experiences.

  • Fertility issues. Including those who struggle to conceive, miscarriages, IVF complications.

  • Relationship issues- Conflict/disturbances in family, marriage, romantic and friendships.

  • Work/Life balance- Those who struggle to develop a healthy balance between work/personal life.

  • Depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia, mental health issues.

  • Lack of movement/purpose/passion in life.

  • Pre and post natal pregnancy.

  • Babies, infants & children. Including Autism, ADHD, personality disorder.


For more details about Reiki, treatments, workshops, prices and availabilities please visit:

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